Where Should You Go On Vacation?

Everybody loves having time off from work and the most popular choice for what to do with that time off is always taking a vacation to some place that helps you to relax. If you can’t seem to decide where to go, it can end up causing even more stress.

Where you should go on your vacation depends largely on your personality and your budget. Here are a few suggestions of the best vacation destinations for different kinds of people.

1.    Rural Areas

If you’re the type of person that hates it when people are glued to their phones or the TV, this kind of vacation is for you. Visiting a farm or another rural vacation destination will allow you to disconnect from the outside world in every sense of the word. Just make sure that you pack rural gate openers if you’re going to be going on this trip without somebody who knows the landscape.

rural gate openers

2.    A Sea-Side Resort

This destination is for people who are sick of ‘adulting’ and who just want all the luxuries with none of the work. Most resorts will offer access to pools, spas, and countless other activities such as complimentary yoga classes or even boat rides.

There will be restaurants galore so you won’t have to lift a finger yourself and you can spend your days soaking up the sun on the beach or next to a pool (if you’re trying to avoid the sand).

3.    Stay Home

If planning a vacation is stressful, being in an unfamiliar place is stressful, then what’s the point? If you’re the kind of person that finds the entire experience of a vacation to be more effort than it’s worth, it’s perfectly valid to make your vacation staying home. You’ll save tons of money!