Give Your Best Friend a Taste of the Finer Things

Man’s best friend remains my best friend. Of course, I’m referring to my golden retriever named Wisecracker. But ever since my move to Hell’s Kitchen in NYC, it’s been an unfortunate reality that I have had less time to devote to my best friend. After joining a new tech-startup in the Financial District, it’s been a challenge to find enough time to dedicate being around Wisecracker. Furthermore, I can tell it’s having a toll on him as well since we don’t go on as many walks as we used to when we lived in the suburbs in New Jersey. Thankfully, there are options to help with this.

Despite living near Central Park, I lament to say that I have hardly taken Wisecracker there for a stroll. I come home around 8 pm and by then I’m already too tired to even consider the notion of putting in some more footwork than what I already do at the office. After asking around my co-workers, most of whom are dog-lovers themselves, I found a private dog walking new york ny service that appeared to meet my needs for giving my best friend the treatment I longed to give him.

They are nothing more than amazing at giving Wisecracker a personal, human touch during a mid-day walk through Central Park.  Sometimes, they even take him down to Bryant Park and back, catching the sites and sounds of the city that is liberating from being stuck in my small apartment for most of the week. And at times when I need to travel away from the city for an extended period, I can count on them to pet-sit him either in my apartment or at their facility. To be honest, I can even tell that Wisecracker sometimes misses his time with the professional dog-walker. Despite this, I feel better knowing that his needs are being tended to as I work hard. At least I have the weekends to give him the time and attention that we both enjoy.